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An Investment Management Company
Naab Investments & Trading was incorporated in 1996 to serve the investment needs of individuals, retirement plans, corporations, and other institutions.  Naab Investments & Trading, a Registered Investment Adviser located in Fishers, Indiana, is an experienced investment management organization.  Our online services build upon our long standing commitment to provide investors with the highest quality asset management. 

Naab Investments & Trading provides individualized portfolio management with the objective of long-term capital appreciation.  Registered Investment Advisers, exercising discretionary authority tailor accounts to match the investor's goals with appropriate strategies, systematic risk control and stringent cost containment.  From the conservative to the aggressive trader, Naab Investments & Trading surveys each client's financial objectives and carefully designs a plan to meet those goals.  The firm's services also include investment advice through NaabTrade, our subscription based newsletter.

As your financial adviser, Naab Investments & Trading pledges to serve you with integrity.  As Aristotle once said, "Excellence is not an act, but a habit."  You may be assured that at Naab Investments & Trading excellence is a habit.

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