An Investment Newsletter Seeking Capital Appreciation
The NaabTrade newsletter highlights long and short term trading opportunities along with stock market commentary by the professional Registered Investment Advisers of Naab Investments & Trading.  NaabTrade serves all types of investors, but has the primary goal of long-term capital appreciation.  As a subscriber, you will benefit from years of market analysis by an experienced investment management organization.

NaabTrade is published monthly and disseminated via email.  Subscribers opt to receive the letter in MS Word or Adobe PDF format.  Archived copies are also available in the subscriber section of our website.

Subscribers may monitor the performance of NaabTrade through three model portfolios.  They combine an attractive mixture of volatility, safety, and high potential.  The balance makes these portfolios very attractive and profitable.  Below is a short synopsis of the portfolios. 

  • NaabTrade Long-Term Growth Portfolio
    This model portfolio provides a guide for building a long-term diversified portfolio.  The portfolio takes positions in growth companies with strong positions in growing markets with high potential to increase their market share. 

  • NaabTrade Short-Term Growth Portfolio
    This model portfolio is more aggressive as it seeks to capitalize on short-term price movements caused by earnings announcements, potential mergers, or general market conditions. 

  • NaabTrade Focused Aggressive Growth Portfolio
    This model portfolio is for the most aggressive traders.  Though it is the most risky, it seeks the highest returns by placing a large concentration of the portfolio in stocks poised to move dramatically. 

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