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FAQ's about NaabTrade

NaabTrade is an  investment advisory newsletter distributed via email to subscribers.  Written by Registered Investment Advisers, the newsletter highlights short and long-term trading opportunities.

NaabTrade is delivered via email each month in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF Format.

The cost of NaabTrade is $129.99 per year or $199.99 for two years (USD).  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and check or money order, payable to Summit Investments, Inc.  Note: All credit card information will be used for billing purposes only and will not be sold or otherwise distributed.

The recent performance of the NaabTrade Focused Aggressive Growth Portfolio is monitored on our homepage.

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Your subscription fee may be tax deductible as an investment expense under IRS Sections 67 and 212.  It is also fully tax deductible as a business expense by most corporations under Section 162 of the IRS Code.

FAQ's about Portfolio Management Program

A Registered Investment Adviser is a fiduciary who makes investment recommendations in return for for a flat fee or a percentage of assets managed.

No one can guarantee investment success, but strategies designed by licensed professionals will greatly improve the probability of success.

With fee-based investment management, the goals of the investor and the adviser are the same: Grow the assets.  Eliminating the commission-based abuses by charging modest fees based on account balances, the advisers at Naab Investments & Trading have strong incentives to minimize your costs and maximize your account value.  All fees are fully disclosed on your account invoice and may be deductible as an investment expense under IRS Sections 67 and 212.

Securities are cleared through Scottrade Financial, Inc., one of the nation's largest online brokerages.  Naab Investments & Trading exercises Limited Power of Attorney to direct client trades within the client's Scottrade account.  We are not employees of Scottrade and receive no compensation from them for placing trades through them.

Naab Investments & Trading never holds a client's assets.  Limited Power of Attorney gives our Registered Investment Advisers the authority to direct trades within the client account.

Although we are free to select any discount brokerage house to provide custody for client accounts, we believe that Scottrade currently provides our clients with the best services at the lowest possible cost.  Note: We will manage accounts over $1,000,000 at the brokerage house or financial institution of your choice.

Yes, Scottrade will charge your account with modest commission fees.  But as fee-only advisers, Naab Investments & Trading has no pressure to generate high volume commissions.  Our fees grow only as the size of your account grows.

The security of our clients' securities and funds was an overriding consideration in the selection of Scottrade as custodian.  We have also developed security measures to help ensure the integrity of our clients' finances and the confidentiality of their personal account information.  Clients will be required to enter a password to access their account, and under no circumstances will we disclose account information to a third party.

If your account is with Scottrade, you can be enrolled easily.  If your account is with another brokerage house or financial institution, it must be transferred to Scottrade in order to enroll.  Transfer forms can be downloaded here.

To begin having a professional at Naab Investments & Trading manage your portfolio, contact us via email or phone and an Agent will contact you to discuss opening an account.

Yes, the NaabTrade newsletter is free to all clients in the Portfolio Management Program.

You may terminate the Client/Agent Agreement for any reason; however, a 30-day notice is required by either party to terminate the contract.

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